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These 2021 Census products provide statistical information about the population, age, sex at birth and gender, type of dwelling, families, households and marital status, Canadian military experience, income, language, Indigenous peoples, housing, immigration, place of birth and citizenship, ethnocultural and religious diversity, mobility and migration, education, labour, and commuting as measured in the Census Program.

Visit the 2021 Census of Population release schedule of topics and access the 2021 Census of Population products and services map: Data products to learn about the upcoming suite of data products.

2021 Census of Population data products

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2021 Census of Population data products
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Title:Census Profile

Profile of a community or region: 98-316-X2021001

Description: This profile presents information from the 2021 Census of Population for various levels of geography, including provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, communities and census tracts. Data are from the 2021 Census of Population and are available according to the major releases of the 2021 Census release dates.

Profile of a community or region

Title:Data tables


Description: This series of cross-tabulations presents a portrait of Canada based on the various census topics. They range in complexity and are available for various levels of geography.


Title:Focus on Geography Series

Profile of a community or region: 98-404-X2021001

Description: Focusing on a selected geographic area, this product presents data highlights for each of the major releases of the 2021 Census. These data highlights are presented through text, tables and figures. A map image of the geographic area is also included in the product. The geographic levels presented in this product include Canada, provinces and territories, census metropolitan areas, census agglomerations, census divisions and census subdivisions. Data highlights are presented according to the major 2021 Census release dates.

Profile of a community or region

Title:Census Program Data Viewer (CPDV)

Interactive dashboard: 98-507-X2021001

Description: The Census Program Data Viewer (CPDV) is an advanced web-based data visualization tool that will make statistical information more interpretable by presenting key indicators in a statistical dashboard. The CPDV makes it easy to find many places in Canada, see them on a map, and get basic geographic and sociodemographic data for those places. To find a specific place of interest, you can click and zoom in on a map of Canada or you can search by place name or postal code. The CPDV then displays the appropriate thematic map showing boundaries and other features. The CPDV will also enable users to easily compare indicator values for different places and help identify relationships between indicators.

Interactive dashboard

Title:Thematic maps

Thematic map: 92-173-X

Description: A thematic map focuses on the spatial variability of a specific distribution or theme (such as population density or average annual income) for standard geographic areas, whereas a reference map focuses on the location and names of geographic features. Thematic maps normally include some location or reference information to help users familiarize themselves with the geographic area covered on the map.

Thematic map

Title:Age Pyramids

Data visualization: 98-504-X2021001

Description: Age pyramids are dynamic applications that allow users to see the evolution of the age structure of the Canadian population over a given time period and for selected geographies.

Data visualization

Title:2021 Census key indicators

Key indicators

Description: The key indicators provide a quick snapshot of census data highlights by topic.

Key indicators

Title:Highlight tables

Table: 98-402-X

Description: Highlight tables provide information highlights by topic via key indicators for various levels of geography. The tables allow users to perform simple rank and sort functions.


Title:Ranking of the 10 most populated municipalities, 1901 to 2021

Interactive chart: 98-505-X2021001

Description: The interactive ribbon chart is a data visualization product that shows the evolution of most populated municipalities over time. It depicts the top 10 municipalities (also called census subdivisions, or CSDs) ranked by population for each census year.

Interactive chart


Census Datasets is a multi-census year data portal providing users with streamlined access to selected datasets from the 1991 to 2016 Census as well as the 2011 National Household Survey.

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